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We invite you to visit Mendoza, the 8th Wine Capital of the World!!!

We propose an unforgettable experience, to please your senses. Visit the most important wineries of Mendoza, walk in their vineyards, learn their stories, philosophies and taste their wines, surrounded by extraordinary landscapes. We don’t just want you to see the culture of Mendoza, but rather experience all that Mendoza has to offer you.

Mendoza is a naturally beautiful destination… Of course the landscape is incredible.


The wineries here are excellent…. And the wine is wonderful, obviously..

However, we did not create the city, the scenery, the mountains, the wine, nor the vineyards. Our job consists in organizing, planning, and learning all we can about our region to offer you the best experience. What we at Mendoza Wine Experience want is to help you make the most of your time, combining all of these elements in the best possible way so that you have memories to take home!

Mendoza Wine Experience awaits you and welcomes you!

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