Ocho Cepas

Two blocks away from the best hotels in the city, in a colonial style house from the early twentieth century, is Ocho Cepas, from the renowned local chef Max Casá. The specialties include grilled meat and fish. Among the most popular dishes are "black hake with herb butter" and "rib eye steak with soft chimichurri". These superb dishes can be accompanied with an extensive wine list from local wineries carefully selected is available. In the outdoor deck, you can enjoy with friends the little grills with seafood, tables of meats and prepared salads. Private security, Wi-Fi and free Parking for customers.

Siete Cocinas

A restaurant at present must synthesize various aspects under a single clear and solid concept. Siete Cocinas de Argentina achieves it. The aesthetic gives us the place together with the presentation of their products merges with a simple and creative idea of tradition and innovation.

Indeed, Siete Cocinas de Argentina is named after a concept of its author, the distinguished Chef Pablo del Río, whose experience and maturity has shown him that Argentinian kitchen is divided into seven regions, each with its notes and flavors : the northwest, the coast, which, metropolis, pampa, patagonia and the sea.

The internal spaces of the restaurant can accommodate 70 guests, who can observe all processes in an open kitchen. The bar and cava are two options that can be drawn as privacy or publicity sought. You can visit and experience Siete Cocinas de Argentina Mondays to Saturdays from 20:30h to 00:00hs.

Ituzaingo Cocina y Vino

Ituzaingo - Kitchen & Wine is the loft where Gonzalo lives, but is also a restaurant with 20 seats. It is located in a central, bizarre bohemian district of the City of Mendoza, inside the oldest house/loft in the province.

This restaurant, like any friend’s house, guests can go to the kitchen to talk to the chef Emiliano, can consume wines from Gonzalo's personal collection , may decide to eat sitting or carrying their dishes to the patio. The space is diagrammed so that can be used in private meetings in the cellar and in larger events in the gardens. The menu offers ethnic dishes, from South America to Argentina and Mendoza.

One of the virtues that pursues Ituzaingó is a mixture of senses into a clear melt. For this, the proposed menu combined with pictures and images of different artists that reflect different cultures, and with specially designed and selected music, achieving an atmosphere that really stands out and will be unforgettable for us. Menu also proposes several courses and many signature dishes taken from the culinary tradition but incorporating the forefront of contemporary cuisine.

Los Chocos

This is one of the few restaurants behind closed doors of the city of Mendoza. Eight is the maximum guests who can sit at the "table" of living department. Martin Morandini is responsible for serving dishes prepared by Martin Lemmo, responsible for the grills and the Cuyo cuisine.

The premise is to work with regional products (therefore they do not use fish except trouts). As for wines, small wineries are preferred.


Public Houses existed since the Bronze Age. However, it was not until the arrival of Romans when the first inns appeared, where travelers got refreshments, shelter and rest during their conquests. Lots of years later, after World War II ended, "Public Houses" were built almost everywhere in Europe in order to give shelter and food for those who had lost almost everything.

With the running of years these shelters were transformed in Inns, Restaurants, serving as a place for different kinds of social gatherings. The Public House contracted word by word PUB; meals and drinks were specialized, adopting features of the region and acquiring its own style.

In Public House special flavors, fine wines and international cocktails can be found. PH offers a modern and cosmopolitan proposal, in gastronomy (fusion food), in cocktails (250 labels of liqueurs and spirits, pairing drinks with salads, and desserts tables) in the service and in any innovative proposal they make each week.


Azafrán is staffed and decorated like an old country store where besides taste delicious meats and cheese platters, dishes with regional and patagonian flavors, and heart-stopping dessert. Diners can choose to buy and take home Mendoza’s spices and dried fruits, jams and preserves, oils, vinegars and many other regional products.

It has one of the largest mendocinean wines menus of Argentina, lodging in his cellar over 450 labels from over 80 wineries.

1884 Restaurante Francis Mallman

The restaurant was created as a tribute to the wines of Mendoza and the Andean cuisine, in 1996. The project was born from an idea of Dr. Nicolás Catena Zapata and Francis Mallmann. La Bodega Escorihuela which hosts the restaurant was built in 1884 in an area which was, at that time, open country, at Godoy Cruz, a neighborhood that slowly was becoming part of the city of Mendoza over the last century, thus, this historical monument was trapped inside the cheerful center of Mendoza, which is characterized by huge trees and irrigation ditches.

Nowadays, Escorihuela also hosts the prestigious facilities of "Caro" winery that is born after the union of Chateau Laffite (led by the legendary Baron Eric de Rothschild) and Catena Zapata (led by Nicolás Catena, who has been in the last 25 years the leader of the Mendoza's quality wine)

El Palenque

El Palenque -ande rascarse- is a restaurant decorated in the style of an old grocery store, creating an attractive environment for all ages. A place to go with family or friends.

The menu consists of several dishes like homemade baked mud pies, steaks, pizzas, etc. To accompany the delicious food, we offer a wide variety of wines and the renowned red wine penguins , draft beer, cocktails, snacks. It features a large patio for those who prefer to eat outside, where sometimes you can also enjoy the presence of musical soloists or groups

Almacén del Sur

On the farm, located 15 minutes from Mendoza's capital, Almacén del Sur submitted a proposal for lovers of the good life. An elegant, warm and intimate atmosphere allow you to appreciate qualities of an open kitchen and enjoy a unique dining experience especially designed with the flavors of Almacén del Sur. A simple and unique combination of different flavors and aromas accompanied by a guided every step service, open the game of the senses to the infinite possible courses along the wine.

As part of the visit you may select products that have not yet been released to the market and be part of the demanding process of testing their lines. With visitors remain impressions of precise flavors and aromas that together, the exuberance of a good wine and the unforgettable presence of the mountain, are a treasure to be remembered.

María Antonieta

From the hands of Vanina Chimeno comes María Antonieta, an essential lesson in casual yet creative cuisine. Catering from breakfast onwards, the style is modern French bistro, the coffee strong and the eggs scrambled, while service is sharp.

A prominent downtown location keeps punters ticking over - those in the know head there for a juicy lunchtime burger, while a window-side table come nightfall is the place to be. The evening menu goes up several gears - starters include a delectable warm bean salad zipped up by courgette flowers and goat’s cheese tempura fried together, while the main game includes Kobe beef steak and a mouth-watering pork shoulder with crispy pesto.

Minor but not irrelevant details: Chimeno is also the other half of Argentine super chef Francis Mallmann, and worked for many years at his 1884 restaurant.

Siete fuegos

While the most excellent Francis Mallmann 1884 Restaurante falls into both the out-of-town and bodega-based categories, given that it’s based at Escorihuela Gascón in Godoy Cruz, his latest culinary creation is based in Valle de Uco. .

Taking the classic Argentine barbecue and vamping it up to within an inch of its life, executive chef Mallmann’s meat, fish, veg and fruit are flame-grilled seven different ways at Siete Fuegos.

Set among the grapes at The Vines of Mendoza, the cool mountain breeze will whistle through your hair while you work your way through the fixed lunch menu, which might include salt-crusted salmon or rosemary-speared kid. Pray that the charred peaches with cooling mascarpone are on the dessert menu; they’re a sweet treat from heaven. A unique location, the fiery menu is also one of a kind.

Nadia O.F.

The new restaurant Nadia O.F. offers a warm and personal minimalist environment, where the chef will continue with its proposed six-step menu that both characterized and it changes every week, according to the seasonal products, which may be associated with pairing wines from the family winery O. Fournier.

Since its inception in 2006, Nadia has received several awards, international experiences and exchanges with other chefs of renown. In these years, Nadia Haron is enriched as a professional, experiencing new flavors and techniques every day, without leaving the roots and excellent ingredients that provide the Argentine territory.

Lovers of fine cuisine already know her from her previous two projects in Mendoza. First with his restaurant Urban, O. Fournier Winery, founded by her husband, José Manuel Ortega Fournier, in the Uco Valley. Four years later, encouraged by its success, he decided to open Nadia O.F. in the town where his family lives, Chacras de Coria. Now she moved downtown to give refurbish her entrepreneurship.


Jesus Cahiza confesses that he has sinned with Dantesco. “Anger” is in the kitchen with sublime flavors that awaken feelings, “laziness” in the room, place to feel relaxed, “lust” lies in the cellar and “pride” in the lounge, great site too and magnificence, while “gluttony” mocks every corner. Restaurant, bar, wine cellar, store and deli, as well Dantesco defines itself, located in street Italy in Chacras de Coria town.

A big house with gardens and an aged style propose a menu with identity. The wide selection of meals are made with different ingredients and cooking methods, bears the typical mark of their identity. Special dishes with seasonal products are added each season to the menu. The accompanying our cellar of over 300 labels of the most prestigious wineries. The menu has an interesting proposal of cheeses and other cold meats, which are spiced up in their making.


Ubicado sobre la avenida Arístides Villanueva, ícono de las mejores opciones gastronómicas y del entretenimiento nocturno de la ciudad, Sofía Restaurante Bar ofrece a sus clientes excelentes propuestas gastronómicas y acompañarlas con alguna de las más de 260 etiquetas de vino de su cava, y disfrutarlas tanto en el salón así como en el jardín al aire libre. Si lo prefiere, antes o después de cenar, puede relajarse y disfrutar alguno de los mejores tragos servidos en la barra.


Josefina opens its doors with dishes that bind the healthy and delicious with a cellar of 1200 wine bottles ready to uncork. The clay oven, large open kitchen, space for art and a bar run by specialists complete this proposal, that takes the tradition with authenticity and creativity.


Theme nights and unmissable sunset with a spectacular location on the top floor of Building Gomez.

Décimo Resto and Wine Bar offers a variety of dishes with style, based on international specialties. From the living room and the terrace has a breathtaking panoramic view of the city of Mendoza and the Andes. It is ideal for after-office, dinner or a drink or wine in a sophisticated atmosphere. It is located on the pedestrianized Paseo Sarmiento, just three blocks from the Plaza Independencia.

Osadia de Crear

In "Osadia de Crear Resto & Deli" you can enjoy both the gourmet menu in the main room as simple finger food options (pic nics, salads, tables, sandwiches and much more) at galleries and gardens of the winery. It also offers a selection of drinks frozen from fresh seasonal fruits and wines made in the winery.

Its cuisine is simple, based on the fusion of Argentinian and Mediterranean meals, with elements from Spain, Italy and France. It has as its main elements meats, tapeos, pastas, salads and some elaborate complex products, fresh and seasonal.

Its chef, Jose Cacciavillani, claims that he offers a fusion that combines creativity, good taste and a lot of “heart”, because he is convinced that a kitchen without love is nothing more than a simple plate of food.


Located in Club Tapiz, Terruño reflects the essence of regional cuisine with an international flair. It offers dishes made with local products like goat, rabbit, trout and vegetables from their organic garden, all paired with the finest wines from Mendoza. The extensive wine list offers not only wine produced by Tapiz Winery, but also by the major wineries in the area. The menu ends with a special section that offers national and international icon wines.

The restaurant was awarded in 2007 and 2008 by Great Wine Capitals as one of the best of Mendoza.

A basic principle of food and wine pairing is to match wines with regional dishes, as the local flavors tend to have a natural affinity with the local wines. This is never more true than when enjoying Argentine Malbec with the national dish, Asado.

Argentina is known for high quality beef, which is served at almost every meal. The quintessential meal is asado: beef cooked slowly over a parrilla, or grill, and served with a spicy condiment, chimichurri.

Clos de Chacras

They define their cuisine as “fusion”, as it combines Mediterranean, gourmet and regional styles. It is a cosmopolitan cuisine where you find a diversity of preparations. They use different cooking techniques which allows them to offer different options, even with a small menu.

Their cuisine is based on family history and inspired by a classic cuisine in which all products are handled with extreme care before arriving at the kitchen. This allows them to prepare exclusive meals that go perfectly well with our wines.

For their sauces, they use elements from French cuisine and its alchemy that give life to our meals. They also take many things from regional cuisine, not only for foreigners to try our flavors but also for locals to reunite with familiar flavors and aromas.

They also work with small producers, with cooperative markets, and they maintain bilateral communication with their providers that helps them find the best ingredients.

Clos de Chacras menus change according to season, since every season has its charm… using different products from each season because of their high quality when harvested at the right moment, and their commitment to consume products primarily from local agriculture.

In the menu, a range of specific ingredients is offered, seasonal vegetables, dry fruits, olive oil, and other handmade products from the province such as cheese, ice creams, jams, etc. Local herbs and plants are used in the menu, playing with senses and looking for the most genuine expression of the freshest products.

Vistalba Wine Bar

Vistalba Wine Bar is a place where you can taste all Vistalba Winery wines and sparkling wines accompanied by different dishes made with local ingredients. A restaurant with orchard food for a meal after visiting the winery.

Their philosophy is to highlight the seasonal fruits and vegetables taking advantage of its benefits , its freshness and flavor. To achieve this they have their own organic orchard seeking a healthy and natural lifestyle.

Casa del Visitante

Casa del Visitante provides a thoughtful service, both to complete a guided tour or tasting directed, and for those who want to share a delicious lunch table in a beautiful natural environment. A different way of living our cult wine.

"Casa del Visitante" opened in 2002. Is located in Familia Zuccardi’s vineyards in Maipu. Has a capacity of 80 seats and also functions as a tea room. It is a place designed carefully, retrieving materials from the region and creating a warm atmosphere for visitors as it is located so that passengers can enjoy the landscape of vineyards and mountains.

You can enjoy two types of menus: Regional and Tasting. The first combines traditional dishes with different varietal wines and oils Familia Zuccardi. The second changes with each season, using local produce for each season.

In October 2009, the Mendoza committee of the Global Network of Great Wine Capitals awarded "Casa del Visitante" as the best restaurant in the wine tourism.

Bistro M at Park Hyatt Hotel

Resplendent with an open kitchen so you can see all the action, Bistro M offers a predominantly Italian menu - there’s more to gnocchi than potato stuff in here - and takes pride in using local ingredients, while a wood-fired oven takes charge of meatier affairs such as suckling pig. Service is impeccable, the wine list abundant.

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