Wine Bike

Under the Mendoza landscape of mountains and blue skies between dirt paths and seasonal flowers, the traveler opens step to start walking and discovering the secrets of wine from a conveyance that allows much more than a simple mobility; in contact with the environment and strains of the exceptional quality of Valle de Uco and Lujan de Cuyo, combined in a way that only Mendoza Wine Experience is able to recreate. A sensory bouquet to unlink an unforgettable experience at the hands of our faithful Trekk bikes.

Mendoza Wine Experience offers two alternatives high level Wine Bikes in major wine regions of Mendoza: Lujan de Cuyo, and of course, Mendoza’s wine star of the last times, Valle de Uco.

Wine Bike Experience (Wednesday and Friday)

    Agrelo Wine Bike

  • Route: Between 25 and 35 kms by bicycle
  • Visit and Tasting:
    1. Belasco de Baquedano Winery
    2. Melipal Winery / Bressia Winery
  • Visit and Tasting:Norton Winery

    Valle de Uco Wine Bike

  • Route: Between 25 and 35 kms by bicycle
  • Visit and Tasting:
    1. Bodega boutique La Azul
    2. Salentein Winery
  • Visit and Tasting: Bodega Andeluna / Atamisque
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Agrelo Wine Bike

The town of Agrelo, Lujan de Cuyo, expects to amaze us with its breathtaking landscapes, panoramic views towards the Andes peering out from the prestigious vineyards of Mendoza wineries producing our famous Malbec. Climatic and geological characteristics of the region invite us to discover how the terroir can influence their wines.

Bodega Melipal

Melipal Winery

The Aristi family has generations of experience working the land Argentina. In 2002, they established the winery Melipal with first harvest of wine in 2003. They decided to dedicate themselves to make super premium wines. With consistency, enthusiasm and passion, they represent the land of Alto Agrelo.

Bodega Bressia

Bressia Winery

In early 2003 a venture started under the concept of "Family Wines". Walter Bressia starts his own business as a result of long experience as winemaker at the national and international market. Its main purpose is personalized and limited sale of wines of the highest quality. Each bottle is unique and therefore can enjoy the pleasure that offers exclusivity and uniqueness of each crop.

Bodega Norton

Norton Winery

Norton has been one of the biggest names from the beginnings of wine production in Argentina. Produce wines focusing on the philosophy of pleasure for those who take them. In this winery visit, you will have the opportunity to taste the wine in each of its development stages. In addition, we enjoy an excellent gourmet lunch paired with Norton's best wines.

Bodega Norton

Ruca Malen Winery

Bodega Ruca Malen was created in 1998 as the result of the dream of two friends, Jacques Louis de Montalembert and Jean Pierre Thibaud, united by the same passion: producing wines of high quality. This cellar represents both sides of wine in Argentina: the tradition of immigrants by the founders, and respect for the culture and the land of America, with its representation of Mapuche legends.

Wine Bike Valle de Uco

Valle de Uco, is characterized as a region of wineries at the foot of the mountains isolated from the city; being able to create unique wines by the features provided by the altitude in a context of unique landscapes for their beauty. To make the experience even better, we propose enjoy these beautiful places mounted our bikes Trekk.

Manzano Histórico

Manzano Histórico

Departure from Manzano Histórico Monument (Tunuyán), where the General José de San Martín made a rest stop on their journey back to Argentina after his glorious liberating struggle. There a monument was erected and also operates a center where visitors can interpret the history of the place. Notwithstanding the mentioned, the site also has value from the point of view of nature for its biodiversity and scenic beauty.

Bodega La Azul

La Azul Winery

La Azul is a charming small winery with its own vineyards, which allows an excellent control of the entire process. This subtle work ends in a bottle whose sole purpose is to make you spend a pleasant time. The world has yet to discover the wines of La Azul, but we are confident that after when tested, you will fall in love as much as we do.

Bodega Salentein

Salentein Winery

The lands that today belong to this project witnessed countless feats and exploits; an area where the will and efforts were transmitted from generation to generation, from indigenous peoples and the Jesuit missions, through great personalities like General San Martín. During the course of the visit, you can taste 3 large Salentein wines. You will end up in Salentein's art gallery, which is the only one of of its kind in Mendoza. Bodega Salentein has the vision quality with classic varietal plantations, preservation of old vines, re application of European craftsmanship and the use of advanced technology, this results in international standard wines.

Bodega Andeluna Cellars

Andeluna Cellars

Nació en el año 2003 con la visión de ser uno de los máximos referentes en vinos de calidad de Argentina. Andeluna simboliza el romanticismo y herencia del Valle de Tupungato. Andeluna Cellars es el sitio ideal para aprender acerca de esta región. Enmarcados en un imponente paisaje a los pies del volcán Tupungato disfrutaran de estos prestigiosos vinos y un exquisito almuerzo gourmet.

Bodega Atamisque

Atamisque Winery

Recently acquired by John and Chantal Du Monceau Frenchmen. In Atamisque the respect for nature and environmental care is noticed. The harvest is done in a manual way, with reduced small vineyards to achieve high varietal typicity . The architecture of stone ceilings and incredible scenery make it the perfect place to learn about Uco Valley.

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