López Winery

An interesting combination between tradition and constant technological growth making wines excel in two ways: by being classic and modern at the same time.

The winery was founded in 1898 by Jose Lopez Rivas, a Spaniard and is currently managed by the third and fourth generation.

True to family traditions and styles, the new generations maintain their respected image and qualities intact, all thanks to a simple formula difficult to be copied: the excellence of its wines and vines cultivated with great care.

Zuccardi Winery

This family winery was founded in 1963 by the Engineer Alberto Zuccardi. At that time, he began planting vineyards in Maipu, experimenting with an irrigation system he devised based on a method used in California. Forty-five years into this journey, there are three generations gathered around a passion for wine.

Visiting Zuccardi, will turn into a dynamic tour that takes you through all the winery to finish in a former art room and barrels room, where you will taste wines and olive oils from different lines of this magnificent winery.

La Rural

Started in the XIX century, Don Francisco Rutini produced wines in the city where he was born, in Italy. His son, Felipe Rutini, moved to America to continue the tradition of his father. In Coquimbito, Maipu Department, Mendoza, he planted the first vines.

In late 1885 he started the construction of a winery, which he called La Rural, under the motto "Labor et Perseverantia".

Don Felipe continued his work in Maipú, later he extended to Los Corralitos area and Medrano.

Don Felipe died in 1919, leaving the company in charge of his descendants, who were devoted to fine white and red varieties such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec. Later on they entered the Chenin variety, from the Loire Valley.

Vistandes Winery

In Cruz de Piedra (Maipú) Vistandes Winery is located, a modern boutique winery dedicated to the elaboration of premium wines.

Vistandes allocates 60% of its production to exports, with its brands: Gradum, Vistandes and Alto Las Tacas, which can also be found in some cities in Argentina. The winery specializes in the development of Malbec, Torrontes, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere, the latter a variety little known in Argentina but of great international prestige.

With a distinctive architectural style and a magnificent view of Los Andes Vistandes offers guided tours of their facilities, special tastings and lunch in an environment surrounded by vineyards and ancient olive . All services are conducted in English and Spanish.

Sin Fin Winery

Sin Fin is dedicated to the production of grapes since 1975 and currently integrated into the production of quality wines. With true passion, and convinced that wine transcends, thrills and conquers. The winery's philosophy is to produce sensations and save each bottle to uncork at the right time.

With the support of more than 30 years experience in the industry as wine producers, today Sin fin is one of the Argentine wineries that has managed to innovate and enter the local and international market.

Sin Fin is a family winery, located in Maipu, the cradle of wine and olives, just 20 minutes away from the city of Mendoza and provides an experience without boundaries, where the aim is to enjoy wine, gastronomy, and art in exquisite harmony. Sin Fin has a unique visitor center, a wine bar with live music and art gallery. Tours and tastings are offered in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Domiciano Winery

Domiciano winery is a family winery, willing to continue the friendly wine trajectory of his family, good wine lovers . It aims to the production of wine trying to get the best value for money.

Built in 1919, the winery is located in the heart of Maipú. Its architecture combines a façade typical of the early twentieth century with the latest technologies that allow the development of premium wines.

Finca Agostino

At the heart of Barrancas estate the winery was built, surrounded by gardens and fountains . Inaugurated in 2005, the aging of wines in French and American barrels selected by their winemakers is performed in a single oak barrels cava: an underground tunnel links the winery with the family home.

Finca Agostino Winery, located in Maipú - Mendoza, has a total capacity of 3 million liters and Italian wine equipment of the last generation. Their own vines are used for the production of wines from vineyards located in Barrancas, Maipú and La Consulta, Uco Valley, both considered "the first zone" for its high quality and its wide international recognition. The winery is the first in South America to certify the demanding international quality standards IFS (Germany) and BRC (UK).

Navarro Correas

With over two centuries of experience, Navarro Correas is one of the leading Argentine wineries in exports and domestic market. Since 1996 belongs to the DIAGEO group, the main company of premium beverages in the world. The origins of the winery date back to 1798 when Don Juan de Dios Correas planted the first vines in Mendoza at the foot of the Andes mountains. Since mid-1800, and for a century, the family sold their grapes and wines to other producers. But in 1974, Don Edmundo Navarro Correas, Juan de Dios Correas’ descendant, decided to start making wine under his own name.

Currently, Navarro Correas has 2 modern wineries (Cava Godoy Cruz and Finca Agrelo), where all lines of its renowned wines are produced: Structura, Alegoria, Reserva, Colección Privada, Los Árboles and San Telmo.

CarinaE Vineyards & Winery

CarinaE is a boutique winery. The owners, Brigitte and Philippe Subra found this abandoned warehouse in 2003. Dreaming of a common project, with the help of Eno Rolland, they rebuilt the winery and, are dedicated to high-quality wines.

The winery reconstructed from existing concrete pools, associates tradition and modern technology. Its boutique winery and has a capacity of 260,000 liters.

CarinaE Vineyards & Winery focuses exclusively on high quality wines made from Malbec, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards of over 85 years located in Perdriel (Luján de Cuyo) and Cruz de Piedra (Maipú).

Its name "CarinaE" comes from "Carina", which is a constellation of the southern sky, probably the most beautiful. It contains a multitude of stars and other splendors of the night sky. It appears during the summer and autumn, especially during the harvest period.

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