Mendoza offers not just wine as a regional product, but also a significant amount of olive oil is produced here.

The golden green leaves, the thick trunks, twisted because of age, the generous shade created by the tree, its intense and bright fruits..., the Olive traveled thousands of years through the history of man before finding a home in Mendoza.

The waves of Spanish and Italian immigrants at the end of the 19th century planted olives from their home counties in Mendoza. Olives, like so many other Mediterranean foods, were transplanted to the new world to stay. The local foods, cultivating techniques created new flavors in this new land. These new plants completed the rural landscape of vines, olive and fruit trees.

The olive, as a crop and industry, has been growing, and the sight of olive trees alternating with vines, which is typical of Mendoza.

The characteristics of the climate and soil in Mendoza and the labor of men and women has resulted in olive products that will delight your senses. Fresh olives, olive tapenade, conserves, or refined oils are part the regional gastronomic experience in which typical and gourmet foods mix into a harmony of unique aromas and flavors.

The rich properties of olives are also used in beauty products and health products. Creams, soaps, lotions, and oils, among others, lavishing both body and soul.

Mendoza and its olive producers propose a trip in time, to discover these ancient secrets hidden in an olive.

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