Harvest Festival

The Party

The Grape Harvest Party, the typical festival of Mendoza’s wine and culture, shows the interest that our wines cause in our province, nation and all over the world. It represents a part of our folklore that is able to bring together winemakers with those who work directly with vines and soil.

Mendoza’s Grape Harvest Party, devotes year after year as one of the most popular festivals in Argentina thanks to the way that manages to immerse ourselves in the world of our national beverage, the wine. Famous for its mystical combination of magic, customs, rituals, superstitions, beliefs, food, parties and more. In the beginning, the harvest was celebrated at each winery, until it received the support of governmental sectors and institutions, generating a fast growth and turning it into the "National Grape Harvest Party."

Mendoza, its wines, and the world

Wine has become our national drink, an icon which is capable of representing us around the world. The city, one of the world wine capitals, will once again host and will proudly regale harvest time, and harvests labors and efforts, passion and folklore through the expression of the proposed cultural activities .

Mendoza Wine Experience, invites the wine culture lovers to discover the secrets of this beverage from within, to make Mendoza’s postcards come to life, to decipher a complex drink, and experience what is undoubtedly a vast experience in the world of wines that, if exploited properly, can change your perspective.

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