Zuccardi Experience (Maipú)

Within the great wine tourism options Mendoza offers, we can find much more beyond wine tastings, tours and great lunches... We propose visitors to enjoy unforgettable learning days about wine, cooking classes, vineyards and olive harvest, pruning vineyards, planting vines, magnificent sunsets and more!

We will enjoy activities in one of the most important wineries in Maipú.
Among the experiences Zuccardi we will find:

  • Cooking classes.
  • Let’s Harvest: Vines Harvest.
  • Classic Wine Tour: Vineyards tour in classic cars.
  • Let’s Harvest Olive Oil: Harvesting olives and olive oil production.
  • Wine Tasting Courses.
  • Olive Oli Tasting Courses.
  • Let’s Prune: Vineyards Pruning.
  • Let’s Fly: Hot air balloon view of the vineyards.

In addition to these activities we will enjoy delicious lunches and picnics.

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